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Hops and More Hops

Pine Island- IPA ABV 7.2% 16oz
Mo Say It- Pale Ale ABV 5.2% 16oz
Hazy River- IPA ABV 6.1% 16oz

Crisp and Yellow

Centrailia- Lager ABV 4.2% 16oz 
CanTina- Mexican Lager ABV 5.5% (Cans Only)
Suncoast Trail- Cream Ale ABV 4.2% 16 oz


Small Batch

Brewed on our pilot system and in very limited quantity

Old as Ale  -English old ale ABV 8% 13oz
Worth The Wait- IMP Irish Red ABV 8% 13oz
Rise & Shine- Farm Saison ABV 6% 13oz

Rich and Malt

Red Right Return- Irish Red ABV 6% 16oz
*Mermaid’s Milk -Milk Stout ABV 5.8% 16oz
*Emperor's Mermaid- Imp Milk Stout ABV 6% 13oz
Bayport- Belgian Strong ABV 9.5% 13oz

Fruits, Spices and Sours

Pineapple Cider- Cider ABV 6% 16oz
*Weeki Weisse- Florida Weisse ABV 4.2% 13oz
Employee of the Year- Orange Cream Ale ABV 4.2% 16oz
Rootbeer- Hard Soda ABV 6% 16oz
Markerade- Hard Water ABV 6.0% 16oz
Strawberry Lemonade- Seltzer ABV 6% 16oz

 *Asterisk denotes Lactose in beer
**NA Beer available upon request



4 – 5oz tasters $8.50

Marker 48 In 4 Packs To Go


Pinot Noir/ Chardonnay/ Pinot Grigio/ 
Blueberry Moscato/Cabernet


House and Blueberry


Happy Hour Daily

Noon – 6:00 pm $1.00 off Drinks

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